John Thunder Thornton                                                             Doyle Arp

With Loudon County tax payers facing higher and higher taxes, we can all take comfort in knowing that multimillionaire Chattooga developer, John "Thunder" Thornton got his share of our hard earned money. With no logical explanation, on May 5th, Loudon County Commission voted to hand over nearly $400,000.00 to the City of Loudon to help pay for Thornton's private road to his gated Tennessee National development.

Three weeks later the check was cut and $388,000.00 tax dollars were gone forever. But not to worry, if things get tight the county can just raise our taxes. No wait, they're already doing that. There's no doubt about it, developers hit the jackpot when Arp took over. And by the way, Mr. Thornton was a contributor to Arp's campaign.

While the photo might be a hoax, the actions are all too real. Who will be the next one to hit the tax money jackpot?