It's Time To Go

I know a lot of folks are tore up about the old bridge over the dam being torn down. But it's time. The thing is falling apart. And historically speaking, it's not even that old and let's be honest, it's just ugly.

I think it was 1963 when it opened so it's a little over fifty years old. It's not as though George Washington crossed it on his way to the Delaware. Robert E. Lee never saw it. Heck, I don't know that anybody famous ever crossed it.

Kudos to State Rep., Jimmy Matlock, for trying to preserve the thing but the costs were totally prohibitive. Did local tax payers really want to sink a a million dollars in it and tens of thousands per year just for a sidewalk?

The old bridge has served us well but it's time has come and gone. It will be down very shortly and in less than a generation, when us old farts are all dead and gone, likely few will even remember it. But when they do they may ask, why did it take so long to get rid of that thing.

I'm sure there were those who mourned the old ferry that shut down when the bridge was open but would we really want to still wait in line to take the ferry across the river?

Farewell old bridge, you did good but now you must go.