It's Time

About four years ago, now former County mayor, Doyle Arp, and now former Lenoir City mayor, Matt Brookshire, went on an all out attack on the second amendment, the right to own and bear arms. Both, now former mayors, convinced their legislative bodies to ban licensed carry permit holders the right to carry their weapons in any city or county owned buildings.  

Recently, the whole gun rights controversy has again been brought to center stage by the recent mass shootings Colorado and Connecticut. Once again, the democrats and liberal left are on the attack to diminish our second amendment rights.

Signs Posted On All Lenoir City And County Buildings

While nearly all our local officials claim to be republican and or conservatives, the gun ban is still present in Loudon County and Lenoir City government facilities. With Brookshire and Arp now distant memories, it's time for our elected officials to step to the plate and make things right.

No high drama necessary and no votes even needed. Just take down the signs on all the buildings then law abiding permit holders will no longer have their rights curtailed.

It's unfortunate that here in Loudon County, a county that could only be described as conservative, republican, would still be living under such liberal, democrat dictates.

Time to make things right.