It's OK Not To Be Gay

Warning: If you are a far left liberal and you will be offended by my own personal views and opinions, stop reading now.

It's OK if a boy wants to grow up to be a non-gay man, take a wife, have children and live a traditional life. It's OK if a girl wants to grow up to be a non-gay woman, take a husband, have children and live a traditional life.

It's OK if the majority of us do not embrace the homosexual lifestyle based on our moral, social or religious beliefs or if you're like me and the thought of two men cuddling and snuggling just grosses you out.

It's OK if the majority of us believe that men and women were created different for a reason. After all, even those who deny any higher power or creationism would have to admit that, if all those amoebas and frogs that crawled out of the pond were homosexuals, evolution would  never have taken off.

It's OK to be a social and moral conservative and hold different viewpoints than some others, no matter how vile and vehemently they would oppose your views.

It's not OK for anyone to be hateful, mean and make threats toward anyone, no matter how conservative they may be or how homosexual they may be.

Based on the emails and phone messages I've received, it's no longer enough just to be tolerant of the homosexual lifestyle;  apparently, we must also embrace and promote the homosexual lifestyle to avoid being considered an uneducated, backwoods, bigot. Have we really come to the point that we are expected to give up our own opinions?

I'm going to type this a little slower this time. Apparently there are a lot of folks out there that have trouble understanding something if it's typed too fast.

I do not care if a person is a homosexual by birth, by choice or just for fun. That's up to them. It neither offends nor impresses me. Everybody has the liberty, in this country at least, to live their lives how they want.

I personally do not feel that homosexuality is natural, appropriate, right or moral but that's my own opinion and I do not care if anyone agrees with me or disagrees with me. I am entitled to my own opinion as you are to yours. 

The young man featured in the yearbook should have a bright future ahead of him and can be anything he wants to be, up to and including the president of the United States and I wish him all the success in the world.

I do not believe that a high school yearbook is the appropriate outlet to discuss anyone's sexual orientation, sexual activities or sexual anything about anyone, homosexual or non-homosexual. 

I am not a member of the Lenoir City School Board. I am a member of the Loudon County School Board. My position on this issue has nothing to do with my position on the board. 

I am still asking that a full investigation be done in this matter. If the investigation finds that there have been no laws broken or no inappropriate actions by any adults at the high school, I'm sure we will all be glad. But if it is found that any adults had any illegal and/or any inappropriate communications, contact, emails, texts, tweets etc., hopefully those adults will be held accountable to the fullest extent.

I hope this will clear up any confusion and misinformation as to where I stand on this issue. For those of you who claim to be so peaceful, loving and tolerant that have taken your time to email and call with some of the most vile and hateful messages, you can save your time. I really, really don't care what you think.