It's Called Lying

It's sad to say, but it seems like we've almost come to expect politicians to lie to us any more. And for some reason most of the time we just let it go. But here's one I just can't let pass.

County mayor candidate, Matt Brookshire, continues to take credit for something that just isn't true. On his campaign web site he states that he has:

"Increased Lenoir City’s reserve fund to $1.6 MILLION!"

The deceit continues on his recent mailout where he reports that he has:

Successfully increased Lenoir City's fund balance by $1.5 MILLION

The whole problem with Brookshire's claim is, it's just not true. According to the city's latest audit, the general fund reserve is just over a half million dollars. So Brookshire is over stating his accomplishments by around a million dollars. $1.6, $1.5, a half million. In the big picture the dollar amounts aren't the issue. It's the fact that Brookshire, knowing full well it's not true, continues to give false information to the voters in hopes to bolster his credibility and credentials when in fact he lacks both.

Mr. Brookshire has never managed anything more in his life than a classroom of eighth graders and his personal check book. Now he wants the voters to elect him as the manager of Loudon County? Unlike the figurehead position of Lenoir City mayor, the job of county mayor comes with real job requirements and real responsibilities. The day to day operations of Lenoir City fall to the full time city manager not the mayor. The day to day operations of Loudon County fall squarely on the shoulders of the county mayor. 

Matt Brookshire is the least qualified candidate to ever run for the position of County Mayor. Maybe that's why he finds it necessary to, how shall we say it, lie to the voters.

There's a lot at stake here. Do the voters really want a mayor who will say anything, true or not, to get elected?