It's All Right

First, let me say how grateful I am to all you who supported my campaign and to all who have called and contacted me after the election. Your kindness humbles me. But I've noticed that some folks aren't sure how to address the subject as though they might hurt my feelings if they mention the election outcome. Let me say, everything's all right. It was a great election and so close but as with any contest there has to be winners and losers. Ms. Herron was fortunate enough to come out on top and I'm perfectly OK with that.

In all honesty I really wanted to win the election. I just didn't want the job. That said, had I won I would have given it 110%. But it would have required a major life style change and I really, really like my current life style. So why did I run for the job?

I think everyone agreed that the county couldn't afford another four years with Doyle Arp at the helm.

Late last year with the time approaching for candidates to decide if they want to run for office, I went to a number of people who had expressed an interest in the past to run for county mayor. To my disappointment, none were willing to challenge Arp for the position. Don't know if it was party loyalty or something else but no one else would do it. I just couldn't imagine allowing Arp another four years without even being challenged. So when no one else would do it, I decided to challenge Arp for the mayor's job.

For a couple of months it was just me and Arp on the republican ticket. Then for what ever the reason, Arp buckled and dropped out of the race. Arp's drop from the race apparently opened the door for several more to jump in and the rest is history.

So if all I accomplished in the campaign was spooking Doyle Arp out of the race, then I'll consider my presence in the race a success.

Many have asked who I would be supporting for mayor in the August general election. I will gladly and whole heartedly be supporting Ms. Herron in the August election and I would respectfully ask all of you that supported my campaign to also support Ms. Herron. The only thing that I can think of that could be worse that another four years of Doyle Arp would be four years of Matt Brookshire. Loudon County sure can't afford Brookshire but we will be discussing lots more about that in the days to come.