IOU, You Pay Me

Monday's meetings at city hall were unusual to say the least. The first meeting involved the LCUB power board taking up the matter of some $80,000.00 that Mark Matlock owes LCUB for infrastructure work done by LCUB for his strip mall on Hwy. 321. The second meeting involved Matlock again pitching his ALF plan to city officials in attempt to get tax payer assistance for his strip mall.

Meeting #1

According to LCUB manager, Fred Nelson, Matlock has yet to pay a bill for more than $80,000.00 for work preformed by the utility including electric, water and sewer services installed for his strip mall. Nelson stated that the agreement required Matlock to pay half the bill up front and the balance within thirty days. Matlock paid the first half but the second half is still outstanding and now has a 10% late fee added.

Matlock told the board that he had been advised by the LCUB assistant manager/city attorney, Shannon Littleton, to delay the final payment till he (Matlock) had made his proposal to the council for his tax payer hand out. Nelson stated that he wasn't aware of any other deals being made with Matlock and as far as he was concerned Matlock is past due and should have to pay the late fee.

After much discussion, a majority of the board voted to require Matlock to pay the full amount. Matlock pointed out that there were others out there that were also behind on their payments that were not being required to pay the late fee. Meeting over.

Meeting #2

Minutes after the first meeting ended, the city council entered into a workshop. The only item on the agenda was discussion of Matlock's request for his ALF, Appraisal Levied Financing. Last week city council received a letter from Loudon County Property Assessor, Chuck Jenkins, essentially stating that the plan as Matlock had presented could not happen.

Not much more took place other that Matlock continuing to promote his plan for tax payer money for his development.

This one puzzles me. First you have a developer who is nearly a year behind on paying his debt to the utility, a fact known by every member of the council. Then you have the same developer asking for the council to approve hundred of thousands of city tax dollars to be paid to him. Maybe if Matlock could get his bail out he could pay his bills at LCUB.