Income War

Every day I hear from folks with concerns about the direction Loudon County seems to be headed. Last week during a conversation with a gentleman who was very unhappy with the thought of higher taxes, I heard a statement that caught my attention. The gentleman stated that "we're in a war with the county for our income." He asked, "does the commission not understand that we just can't afford more taxes?"

It does seem that many of our commissioners have completely abandoned any thought of reducing spending or eliminating waste opting instead of taking the easy out and just raising taxes. Some commissioners have already stated that they will be voting for a property tax increase in August.

Are we to believe then, that commissioners can look the tax payers in the eye and say there's no waste in the county budget? I sincerely doubt it. The only suggestion by any commissioner of a cost saving measure came from Commissioner Nancy Marcus and she choose what was undoubtedly one of the last items that should have hit the chopping block.

While a property tax increase or even a wheel tax might not have a big financial impact on commissioners or school board members, it will be felt deeply by many residents of our county. I would like to personally ask commissioners to think long and hard before they pass any tax increases. Many people are at the edge of their financial ability. Besides, citizens should not have to feel that they are in a war with the county for their income.