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In what could only be an answer to prayers and years of pleading, the Tennessee Department Of Transportation has announced that construction of improvements at the intersection of Shaw Ferry and Hwy 11 including signalization and turn lanes. The press release states that project development is underway and field surveys should start this month. They are working to expedite the plans development but a beginning construction date has not yet been set.

Click Here To Read TDOT Press Release (PDF)

State representatives, Jimmy Matlock and Dennis Ferguson and State Senator Randy Mcnally have been working diligently on behalf of Loudon County to get TDOT to address the intersection. Obviously their efforts have paid off and in spades.

Not only has TDOT agreed to make the improvements but according to the press release, the state will not require any matching funds from the county. The state will pay for the entire project.

The improvements to the intersection will will be such a welcome change but will not come without some inconveniences during the construction period. We will all have to be patient. In the big picture the construction time will only be brief.

Many of us have been very vocal in our desire to see the much needed improvements at the intersection and have been regularly communicating our views to state and local officials. It seems only appropriate that we be just as willing to communicate our thanks and appreciation to those same officials.

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