Guider, Niles File Suit

In the real world it’s called extortion or blackmail. Only in government can using the court system to shake down the tax payers be considered an appropriate method for departmental budget management.

I read in the NH that Sheriff Guider and Lisa Niles have filed lawsuits against the County/tax payers for more money. Why shouldn’t they? It doesn’t cost them anything. After all they both just won re-election. And I’m sure all their supporters wanted them to sue the County as their first action of the new term. Oddly enough, I didn’t see the law suits mentioned in any of their campaign platforms.

Being one of the commissioners who voted to hold the line on these two financially out of control departments, I have no qualms with going to court to show the Counties position, if we hire a competent attorney. After all it’s not like the commission hasn’t been very, very generous to both of these officials every year.

Consider this. In the past five years the Sheriff’s dept. and jail expenditures have increased by $1,663,071.00. This doesn't include a brand new four million dollar jail expansion. Has anyone see any improved, enhanced are new services provided by the Sheriff’s dept.? I noted in the news article that the Sheriff stated all he really wanted was one more new car and he would have been happy. Maybe he should just gather up all the cars he has issued to non County employees. That should give him several more vehicles.

Consider this. In the past five years Ms. Niles’ two departments, Sessions Court and Circuit Court, expenditures have increased by $182,794.00. Ms. Niles has also been given several additional full time and part time employees in this same time frame. The commission has even voted to spend $324,000.00 to make more space for Ms. Niles offices.

It seems no amount of money would satisfy these two. In my opinion, the problem in these departments has nothing to do with an alleged lack of funding but everything to do with poor management of their funds, facilities and personnel.

If the commission buckles under to the legal threats from Mr. Guider and Ms. Niles, then from this day forward they may as well just hand out blank checks to everybody.

The most disappointing thing to me about the actions of Ms. Niles and Mr. Guider, is the disrespect and ingratitude they are showing toward the commission and especially the citizens of Loudon County.

Here’s a challenge to Ms. Niles and Mr. Guider. If they are so sure that they under funded and deserving of so much more money, would they be willing to pay their own legal fees? I bet not.

For a breakdown on the expenditure of these two departments, please click on the link below.

Four, Five and Ten Year Expenditures.