In The Crosshairs

Don't think anyone would ever accuse Doyle Arp of being fiscally conservative given the hundreds of thousands of tax dollars he has thrown away. But apparently he has set his sights on cutting at least one department's budget in county government.

At Monday's commission workshop, Arp had a discussion on cutting the workforce in the Building Inspector's office. Arp sighted a down turn in revenues coming into the office as the reason he wanted to see a reduction in force in that office. However Arp made no mention of cutting any other departments due to declining revenues.  Building inspector Bill Cox, in defense of his department, presented information to the commission showing that his office work load was still heavy and he needed all four of his employees.

If there was really nothing more to the story, one might commend Arp for trying to save the tax payers money but you've got to know there's more to this story.

If you will remember, last year there was a pretty serious dust up between Arp and Cox when Arp ordered Cox to illegally change a facility tax assessment for one of his friends. Cox refused Arp's demands and has been on Arp's short list ever since. Arp even threatened to fire one of Cox employees if Cox didn't do what he told him to do. It would appear that Arp's memory is long and he still plans to "get Cox" for his refusal to obey him.

The building inspector's office and building codes were supposedly set up by commission for the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Loudon County. Now apparently it's about the money. If Arp were truly so concerned about saving money, he might consider cutting jobs in every department that has seen a down turn in revenues. Bet he doesn't do that.