Important Dates

There's a lot on the line for all Loudon County resident coming soon. Commissioners are set to make decisions on a number of important issues over the next week or so.

Commissioners will be voting on all county budgets, the school building program and a possible property tax increase to fund it. Their decisions on these issues will effect every county resident from kindergarten up.

The schools are asking for no additional operating funds this year. However the county budget has a few controversial implications if passed such as a change in employee health insurance. The current proposal would require new hires to share in their health insurance costs on a 70/30% split. Current county employees would be required to increase their share of the insurance costs over a period of years as insurance cost increase until they reach the 70/30% split. Currently, county employees pay approximately 8% with the county picking up the rest of the costs.

Most county employees would receive a 1.6% bonus except for certain clerical and other employees who will be included in a salary equalization plan. Some of those employees could see higher pay raises.

With a possible tax increase, a school building program, changes in employee benefits and the usual uncertainty in the budget process, the upcoming meetings could be interesting.

On Wednesday the 22nd, 6:00pm, the budget committee will be holding a public hearing at the Annex on the proposed budget.

On Thursday, the 23rd, 1:00pm, the budget committee will hold their final budget meeting at the county office building.
On Monday, the 27th, 6:00pm, at the Annex, commission will hold a workshop to present the budget to the full commission.
On Thursday, the 30th, 6:00pm, at the Annex, commission will hold a special called voting meeting to decide all the questions.