Get "Van" Off Our Case

Apparently, Mayor Arp has some dissatisfaction with my presence on the world wide web, at least it sure sounded like it.

Turn up the volume and click here and watch the video. It's great.

At a recent meeting while discussing the development of the county's web site, Arp told the budget committee that the the county had secured "nine sites" and "hopefully we can get Van off our case." He goes on to tell the committee that "he (me) is not the Loudon County official web site like he (me) claims on his thang."

I'm not sure what "thang" he is referring to, but none of my web sites claim to be official anything. However, it is special to know that the county mayor has been visiting my web sites. Listening to Arp discuss the internet and IT issues is a lot like listening to a six year old try to explain quantum physics. It's pretty obvious that he missed the on ramp to the information super highway. I don't know how securing nine sites, as he calls it, gets me off his case.

To Mr. Arp. Getting me off your case is very simple, just operate above the law and be a servant to the citizens instead of continuously violating the law and being self serving.

Thanks Pat for the video.