I'm A Viking

I've learned over all these married years to be careful what I say to Sarah about wanting something. She always seems compelled to get it for me even if I wasn't really serious.

Back before Christmas, after watching one of those commercials for learning about your ancestry, I mentioned that that would be fun to do. For Christmas, she bought me one of the kits. After letting it sit around for a while, I finally spit in the tube and mailed it off. After several months, the results are in. I'm a Viking.

We had always known, from the Shaver side, that there was a little Cherokee in the DNA from geology work done by older generations but I had no idea I was 40% Viking. I guess I can't argue with modern science.

You know, I have always liked to pillage and plunder, I don't like to shave and get a hair cut, till Sarah makes me, and while I don't have a horse, I do have a couple of donkeys.

I guess that makes me a Cherokee Viking. Well, that's better than being a Yankee.