I'm A Dinosaur 

I recently received information that on one of our local hate blogs, among other things, I was called a dinosaur. The inference was that I was just not with it, not cool, not hip-jiggy, just couldn't accept change. That kind of got me to thinking. How could I change to become one of the enlightened ones?

I'm kind of old so I have a memory of about forty-five years or so. What changes have we seen in the last forty-five years that I failed to get onboard with?

Used to be that prayer in our schools was not only allowed but generally led each morning by the teacher. And who would have ever thought we would live to see the day when Americans would be offended by the Pledge Of Allegiance. Nearly all the school rooms I was in had a copy of the Ten Commandments somewhere on the wall.

Then there's all the sex stuff. Used to be that sex before marriage was considered a bad thing and an unwed mother was just not heard of. Now these lifestyles are promoted and glorified. Then there's the whole homosexual thing. What is it they call themselves, LGBT, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender? Also, we're told that same sex marriage is a civil right? Really?   

How bout profanity and pornography? Both are now just considered acceptable activities in our new modern society. Alcohol consumption and the use of other mind altering drugs like marijuana seem to be a product of the cool crowd. Adultery and divorce are now more common than lifelong, monogamous marriages.

We use to watch TV shows like Andy Griffith, Leave It To Beaver, Gun Smoke and Bonanza. Now I challenge you to find a TV show that you can watch with your children without being embarrassed by the subject matter. I haven't been to a movie in fifteen years but from what I understand most all movies are little more than smut films now.

Defamation of God and Christianity are open and widespread among the self-proclaimed elitist and enlightened ones.        

These are just some of the social and moral changes we've seen just in the last forty years are so. It's scary to think what kind of changes we are likely to see in the next forty years.

I suppose the people on the hate blogs are right. If I'm expected to accept and embrace these social changes and their accompanying moral decay or be considered an out dated dinosaur, I guess I'll stay a dinosaur. Just call me old T-Rex.