If A Picture's Worth

If a picture's worth a thousand words, a video has got to be worth twice as much. At the last commission meeting, County Mayor Doyle Arp made a feeble attempt to woo a rightfully angry group of Greenback residents. At the end of the commission meeting, Arp inexplicably tried to take credit for the new bleachers in the Greenback gym which was of course ridiculous.  

Fortunately, Pat Hunter was in attendance at the meeting with cameras rolling and captured this electric moment for all to see. Though Mr. Arp has announced that he doesn't intend to seek reelection, he has been county mayor for more than three years and still has eight months to go. His words and actions are still relevant.

No one should underestimate just what impact that meeting had on Mr. Arp and to what extent it had in influencing his decision to finally give it up.

The link below is to Ms. Hunter's story with the video link. Kudos to commissioner Bob Franke for being truthful and not backing Arp's silly statement.


Mayor Toots Horn And Blows It