I read a lot of news, watch a lot of news and listen to a lot of right wing programs. I hear it said all the time that there is a faction of the left wing, liberal democrats who blame America for the worlds problems. I assume there are a few of those whackos out there but not around here. I may have been wrong.

Below is a little ditty I came across on social media the other day. I changed the names to protect the idiots but the post and conversation were initiated a gentleman I grew up with just out the road.

I don't understand how someone's mind works this way except to say he comes from multi-generational democrat background. How does anybody's mind get this warped?

Anyway, at least I can say I actually know a left winged lunatic. Not sure how he knows how every single soul in Iran thinks.

Wouldn't you love to see these kind of folks go live in those peaceful Islamic countries?

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Friend Of Idiot #1 I wasn't aware that was even in dispute anymore... there are plenty of videos showing their leadership chanting "Death to America", but you are right, they may mean south america. hehe

Idiot #1 Once again, not every single soul in Iran has that attitude. That's like watching a KKK rally and proclaiming that all Americans were insane, racist, narrow-minded fundamentalists that hated anything that wasn't white and Christian. I'm sure in many parts of the world the total exposure to the American public is watching our right-wing Congress talk about their deepest feelings on Iran. That is equally as helpful.

Friend Of Idiot #1 The Islamic world has had bad feelings toward the United States and Brittan ever since around 1948 when the United Nations divided up the former Arabian, UK owned territory and gave a portion to for the state of Israel. Up to that point, the US was just another target for extortion.

Idiot #1 Yet another brilliant move. We'll pay for that one for years to come, and yet another reason to keep out of other's affairs.

Idiot #1Offspring Were these videos circulated before or after the invasion? I would probably have some unsavory responses to someone backing me into a corner, too. We're a notoriously disliked country because we stick our nose into EVERYONE'S business whether it's necessary or not. The intentions may be good, but the road to hell is paved with those as the saying goes.

Friend Of Idiot #1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Satan

Idiot #1 This refers to politics during a revolution (kicking our asses out) 36 years ago. It is a decent piece on "why" they don't particularly like us and our imperial ambitions. I do agree with the Pauls on this one. We should quit trying to maintain the US empire and trying to govern the world. We don't have the money to police and govern the Arabs and Persians.