Thank You

I wanted to thank all those who supported me in this election and all the other elections and activities I've gotten into. It has been my pleasure to serve the folks of Loudon County over the years in various capacities.
The last four years serving on the school board have been both challenging and rewarding. This board made some great strides for the school system over all. We accomplished what had been nearly impossible for past boards when we adopted and implemented a long overdue building program.
We reduced the operating budget and were making real headway in reducing the growing overhead expenses. We hired Mr. Jason Vance as the director of schools and for the first time in many, many years we have a director who's first interest is the school system and not riding the bench waiting for retirement.
I say again, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve.

Warning Warning Warning

Just so not to anger anyone, the rest of this article may very well be offensive to supporters of my opponent in the past election. Please stop reading if you feel you will be offended by frank, honest discussion.


Now if I could just stop here with all the fluff stuff folks might say, well that's nice. But if I stopped here without giving a little final commentary, I just wouldn't be me and I must be me.

I've already been hearing that I'm angry and bitter over losing the election. Let me assure you, I'm not angry nor bitter about the election. I've lost elections before. I will admit, this loss was a little different than others in that in other elections my opponents at least had some qualifications for the office they were running for. In this case, it's kind of like finding out your wife left you for a homeless man.
The fact is, if the boy had come to me like a man in the beginning and told me how bad he wanted to be on the school board, I likely would have stepped aside and not even sought re-election. Instead, he insisted to me that if I was going to run, I had his support. Obviously, that was a lie. Remember this?


If you had not planned to seek re-election, I did plan to run for the seat if it was open....... long as you plan to run, I will not get into the race at this time. If for some reason that you do decide not to run however; please let me know, and in which case I would hope to have your support. Thanks for what you do, and as long as you are in the race then you will have my vote.

Jeremy Buckles 2/7/2012

Along that same line, I keep getting little snide remarks thrown at me from them that they ran a "clean" campaign. I think the inference is suppose to be that somehow I ran a dirty campaign. I guess the fact that I highlighted Mr. Buckles lack of any experience in anything is somehow suppose to mean that was dirty politics. But it's a little hard to forget their clean campaign was kicked off with a lie and a stab in the back.
I have no idea how Jeremy will fair on the school board. This is not the high school senior class prom. On his election campaign finance report he lists his occupation as a "self employed meteorologist." Some have had a little fun trying to figure out exactly what a self employed meteorologist does. Selling door to door weather reports? I don't know. I'm not sure what background that gives him to serve on the board but he's there and for the sake of the schools I hope he can figure out what he's doing and not just be a lap dog to his mentors.
In his news paper statement, he said it was apparent the voters were looking to him for new leadership. That may come as a surprise to some of the other board members. I'm afraid he's sold his political soul to those with self interest in the outcome of the election and they're going to be expecting their paybacks. Supporting votes, pay raises, jobs. It's all coming.

I know Jeremy has high political ambitions and that's a fine thing. But no matter where he goes in his political life, he will always have to remember he kicked off his political career with a lie to a friend.

And as Forrest Gump would say, that's all I've got to say about that.