I Want Mine

Tit for Tat. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Seems another developer wants his share of the tax payers money. But why not? If the city is going to give developer Ed Loy two or three million dollars to build him a road, they could surely spare fifty grand or so to plant a few flowers and trees for developer Tracy Roy.

Becky Blanton
Source: Loudon County News-Herald

Plant a few flowers, add some Crape Myrtle, Big Blue Liriope, Dense Yew and Forest Pansy Redbud and youve got a landscaped island sure to attract potential retailers - or so developer Tracy Roys $101,000 landscaping proposal argument goes.

"I agree and I like what hes saying," Brookshire said of the proposal. The mayor told council members Roy has approached the city to ask for assistance in landscaping six traffic islands along Adesa Boulevard in an effort to attract potential investors. Brookshire said the project is in keeping with his desire to "attract high end" development to the area.

"I agree. It will make the area look better," Brookshire said. "They want to attract high quality development and Im all for that. "They want the city to go half and half, but are willing to accept anything we can offer them," he said.

Brookshire may have reached an all time high or low, depending how you look at his statement. He just can't seem to wait to throw away our money. And I'm so sick of hearing this same old worn out mantra about "attracting high quality development." Surely a few trees and flowers in the middle of the street will enhance the quality of development on Adesa Boulevard.

This is what happens when government starts subsiding private developers with tax payer money. Where does it stop? Apparently in Lenoir City, it doesn't. You can bet your bottom dollar, more developers will be lining up with their hands out for free money.

Here's a thought Mr. Brookshire and council. Why not take that flower money and fix the intersection of Adesa Boulevard at Old Hwy. 95. This might not help draw "upscale development" for Mr. Roy, but it sure would improve the safety of the local motoring public, including hundreds of high school students, who must navigate that very dangerous intersection several times a day.

What am I saying? For Brookshire, safety isn't the important thing. "Pretty" is what matters.