I Actually Voted For It Before I Voted A...









Contrary to what the resolution says, on June 12th, 2008, eight of the ten Loudon County Board of Education members voted for a resolution of support for the $50 wheel tax. The resolution ends with a statement strongly encouraging "All" Loudon County Citizens to vote for the $50 Wheel tax. Problem is, some of those same BOE members are now taking backwater on their vote.

June Klinstiver, 5th district, and Larry Bass, third district, are both continuing to support the wheel tax. Bill Marcus, 1st district, now states that he has mixed feelings about the tax. Bobby Johnson Jr., 2nd district, has stated that he is concerned that the tax would be a hardship on his constituents.   Nancy Paule, 7th district, now also has mixed feelings. She says the tax is too high and will be hardest on the people who can least afford it.

So what has changed since these eight BOE members voted for the wheel tax back in June? How was it a good idea then and maybe not so good now? That's easy, BOE members have heard loud and clear from their constitutions. The vast majority of voters are strongly opposed to the wheel tax or any new or higher taxes and they are not bashful about letting their elected officials know it.

It's a lot easier to set behind the big table and vote on something when nobody is really looking at you. But it's a much different matter when you are out there knocking on doors having to explain to the voters why you want to raise their taxes.

Below is a copy of the resolution passed by eight members of the BOE. The resolution states that all members present supported the resolution, however that is incorrect. Leroy Tate, 4th district, and Freddie Gene Walker, 5the district, voted against the resolution.


Whereas, the Loudon County Board of Education has planned a long range school facilities improvement plan, and

Whereas, the Loudon County Board of Education has experienced significant growth over the last several years, and

Whereas, this growth has necessitated the addition/construction of new school buildings in different areas of the county, and

Whereas, these facility requirements carry a major cost which must be financed by the Loudon County Commission, and

Whereas, the Loudon County Commission has approved a referendum of the voters to be decided at the August elections, and

Whereas, the question the voters will answer is should Loudon County have a fifty-dollar per vehicle wheel tax to be used for school capital improvements for both Loudon County and Lenoir City school systems, and

Whereas, the implementing of this wheel tax will reduce the need for the property tax rate to be increased significantly, now

Therefore, be it resolved by the Loudon County Board of Education meeting in regular session this 12th day of June, 2008, with all members present concurring that all

Loudon County Citizens

be strongly encouraged to vote for and support the passage of the wheel tax referendum on August 7th and that a copy of this resolution be spread upon the minutes of this meeting.

                Bobby Johnson, Jr.                                             A. Edward Headlee

       Chairman of the Board                                                             Director of Schools