I Understand

If you happen to be the owner of livestock and if you happen to live on one of our busier roads or highways, you have probably faced a common problem.

Me, I happen to own a few old goats and on a regular basis, folks stop by, call or sometimes even call authorities to report what they perceive to be something wrong with one of my goats. Usually, they think they have their heads stuck in the fence. I've even had people cut the fence to get the goat's head out of the fence for the goat to just move down the fence a few feet and run his head back through the fence. They'll get out.

One local horse owner found a novel way to communicate with passerbyers.  On two places on his fences along side the road, he has placed nice little notes explaining to any concerned citizens about the activities of his horse. You can read the note above.

Those of us who do have livestock appreciate the concerns of others but usually, there's no need to call the sheriff's office or animal control. Just let us know if you feel there's a problem and we'll take care of it.

I might have to put a sign on my goat fence. Let's see, it might say,

Goats Are Some Of God's Dumbest Creatures. They Do Get Their Heads Stuck In The Fence But They Will Get Out Sooner Or Later