I Told You

Last week when commission voted down the $57,000.00 rubberized track surface at Loudon High School, I told you we probably hadn't heard the last from the those in the rubber room.

Just like clockwork, at the school board's workshop last Thursday, the topic was raised again and believe it or not, the board is scheduled to vote on it again. If the board does vote to spend the extra $57,000.00 then the matter will go back to county commission for another vote at a special called meeting before their workshop on the 16th.

Remember the old movie Groundhog Day? That's where Bill Murray relived the same day over and over and over. That's about where we are on the rubber track. The school board budget committee shot it down then the full school board voted it down. Then a special called meeting just to vote on the rubber track again was held by the board and this time it passed. Then it went to commission and the commission voted it down. Now the school board is going to vote on it again and possibly another vote of the commission will be held. I guess if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

In the last commission vote, six of the ten commissioners voted no. Even one of the commissioners, David Meers, who voted for it last time said he wouldn't do it again. We may get the chance to see if he meant it.

I'll keep you posted on the saga of the rubber track.