I Sure Hope Not

Over the last week or so, there has been a lot news pertaining to the LCHS yearbook and the inappropriate content that was allowed by a teacher to be included in this year's edition. All of these problems and issues were created by one man, yearbook advisor James Yoakley, and all the responsibility for any problems lay squarely on his shoulders. A lot of things have been said by both supporters of the teacher and those of us who oppose what he did. The debate is not likely to end any time soon.

However, I have heard some disturbing discussions. There are apparently rumors going around that some, possibly from both sides of the issue, plan to create some kind of disruption during Saturday's graduation ceremonies. I certainly hope these are just unfounded rumors and no adult or student or particularly outside influences would dare do anything to disrupt this important and solemn event.

High school graduation is one of the biggest events of these young peoples lives to this point and no one and I mean no one has any right to disrupt or distract from the importance of the event no matter how they feel about the issue.

I know passions on both sides are high and there will be plenty of times and places to debate the issue but these kids graduation is not the place. Either sides cause can only be hurt by attempting any inappropriate actions Saturday.  

Hopefully everyone attending the event will appreciate the gravity and importance this event will be for these kids and let them have their day and time uninterrupted.

This graduation is for all these young men and women who have fulfilled their scholastic requirements to walk across that stage and it will be a tragedy if anyone tries the detract from it and if they do, they should be dealt with accordingly. None of these kids have done anything wrong.