I Rest My Case

One of the hottest state and local elections in years, county and city budgets in dire straights a multimillion dollar school building scraped by commissioners for employee raises, massive property tax increases on the horizon, a government official with Loudon County ties shot to death in a neighboring county.

Top story, front page, above the fold in the "News Herald, Taking a walk in Loudon County", touting the great walking trails in the county. Front page below the fold, book bags for students. You've got to be kidding.  

I told you just a couple of days ago that I thought the News Herald had given up. This is just more proof. Not to say the stories above aren't good stories but front page?

There's an awful lot of real news going on out there and for reasons I can't understand, Burcham and bunch just refuse to cover any real news. Well, there was the sensational breaking story about the Brookshire mailer or at least Mr. Burcham thought it was a big story. What about the commissioner who sent out the campaign flyer with a bogus committee listed as the paying party? What about the unauthorized use of photograph of another political figure in a candidates ad in the News Herald. Where Mr. Burcham is your outrage, where's the indignation? Where's is your investigative reporting?

Is there a double standard at the News Herald? No, there's no standard at all. For too long Burcham has used his news paper, and I use that term loosely, to promote his personal agenda. It's time the News Herald were held accountable for their one sided and biased reporting.