I received the two statements below from a reader who asked me if I would post them. Hopefully it will help get the message out about bullying.

Colt, my precious handsome son was harassed and bullied from 5th grade on. I met with teachers and principals about these issues. I even hired an attorney.

Colt was a very bright child, very artistic, witty child with a love of life. He wrote beautiful poems and stories. He was a true romantic at heart.

When the bullying continued and began taking its toll on him, I began taking him to a therapist. Colt began believing that he would never get away from the bullying. He also began mistrusting adults because no matter what he told them about the harassment and how many times the adults told him they would take care of it the bullying continued. Even though he tried to remain upbeat on the surface, the poems I found today in his backpack reveal his path to destruction.

Colt will always be my handsome boy whom I love dearly and I would have gladly given my life to make his life better. I know that he is now with Christ in heaven and would not want to come back to this earth after seeing all the glories of heaven. I know that I will someday join him there and what a glorious reunion that will be.

Lisa Jones

I would like to give my sincere thanks to the volunteers that helped search for my son. It wouldn't be fair to post the names I remember because I would leave out so many dedicated people. Numerous Fire Departments, Rescue Squads, Police, and private volunteers converged to help me find my only son.

I never heard any griping. I heard professionals working at the highest level. I saw the concern. I felt the solidarity. You are ALL HEROES that are beyond parallel.

I know many of you are saddened that I was the first to find my son's body. It was the most horrific sight I could have imagined but....I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. It is a father's duty to protect his children even in death. It was my last act of protection for my son. I love you so much Colt.

Thom Jones

Girl Scouts hit the streets to stand up against bullying

LENOIR CITY, Tenn. (WVLT)-- In light of the death of 15-year-old Colt Jones, who took his own life over the weekend, a group of young girl scouts hit the streets to stand up against what reportedly lead him to his death, bullying.

The girls from troop 20654 rallied at the corner of Tellico Plaza. Their message was a simple one: "Stop the bullying."

"Our girls decided they were tired of it. They wanted to stand up and make a change in our community," said the troop's leader Liz Fricks-Stafford.

The group is standing up for kids like Jones, who went missing Friday night. After a search involving multiple agencies, authorities found his body. Friends said bullying is to blame.

"It tears my heart out," said Fricks-Stafford who didn't know him but is touched by his story.

Hundreds of people have joined a Facebook page created in Jones' honor. Many shared their memories of Jones and others showed his family support.

Many, like the Girl Scouts of Loudon County, also mentioned the importance to put an end to bullying.

"We're not going to take it anymore. We are going to make a change and stand together as a community," Fricks-Stafford said.

That's why the girls braved the cold to rally in Jones' honor Tuesday afternoon, and plan to do so again this weekend.

The group will meet again at 10 a.m. Saturday at the parking lot of The Rush on Highway 321 in Lenoir City and Sunday at noon at the same location.