I Need Your Help

We all hate to receive spam or junk email. Working with so many web sites as we do, we get a lot of junk mail. We also receive a lot of misdirected emails. Let me explain. In 1999 we bought www.loudoncounty.com. Any email that is sent to anyone @loudoncounty.com comes to me. The Loudon County government and the Loudon County school system own and maintain www.loudoncounty.org. This is where the problems begin.

Hundreds of county and school employees have loudoncounty.org email addresses. Many, many times people forget to use the .org and mistakenly put .com at the end of the email address. It is an easy mistake since .com  is the most common file extension. Over the years I have received a lot of emails meant for county or school employees. Generally, I just correct the file extension and forward the email on to the intended recipient. And yes, I have received some dooseys.

Some time ago I starting receiving emails from Yahoo Personals informing me of someone's "Latest matches at Yahoo Personals." It was addressed to ema@loudoncounty.com. Click here for the welcome page. I figured someone had signed up for the dating web site and had just mistakenly put in the wrong file extension. The first few emails that came in, I just deleted as junk, but they just kept coming. I tried to email Yahoo to stop the emails, but they still kept coming. Finally, I did a little research on the email address ema@loudoncounty.com that the dating emails were being sent to. I found that the email address for Loudon County EMA Director, Gordon Harless was ema@loudoncounty.org. I assumed that Harless had used his county issued email account to join the dating site so I began to forward the emails to him in hopes that he would correct his email address with Yahoo Personals. The emails kept coming more and more. I contacted Harless to see if he could please get the emails redirected. I was quickly informed by Mr. Harless that these emails were not his. Click Here to read the emails. This is where I need your help.

Now that I know that the Loudon County EMA Director, Gordon Harless, is not the person who signed up for the Yahoo Personal Dating site, I need to find the Gordon Harless who did sign up to find a girl friend. I have a lot of information on the Gordon Harless who did signup for date mates and maybe some one out there might know who he is. I want to reiterate once again that Loudon County EMA Director, Gordon Harless has assured me that he is not responsible for the date emails I have received. I report, you decide.

Below are links to information to the mystery dater that I received from Yahoo. By looking at the information, maybe you can help me figure out who the boy friend to be is and I can contact him to stop these emails.


Account Information

Edit Account Information


Emails I Have Saved

Email Sample

If you or anyone you know has any information on this person please let me know. They may be missing out on a lot of possible girlfriends.