I'll Be Back

<div class="source">Katie Hogin</div><div class="image-desc">Dennis Ferguson says his proudest achievement  and one of his first  as a state legislator is completion of the Interstate 40 interchange at Midtown. The Democrat represented Roane County in the Tennessee House of Representatives for almost 20 years.</div><div class="buy-pic"><a href="http://www.lcni5.com/cgi-bin/c2newbuyphoto.cgi?pub=062&amp;orig=1511DennisFerguson_0174.jpg" target="_new">Buy this photo</a></div>According to the Roane County News, long time state legislator Dennis Ferguson has already announced that he will seek to reclaim the 32nd district state house seat he held for nearly 20 years.

You may recall that Ferguson, who is a democrat, was defeated back in November by Lenoir City resident, Julia Hurley. Ferguson's defeat was probably the biggest political upset in the state.  Hurley, a republican and new comer to politics, soundly defeated Ferguson in the election. 

<div class="source">Katie Hogin</div><div class="image-desc">Julia Hurley hit the campaign trail early on Election Day and was among the Republicans to claim victory in a nationwide sweep. She was elected to the state House of Representatives seat long held by Roane County's Dennis Ferguson</div><div class="buy-pic"><a href="http://www.lcni5.com/cgi-bin/c2newbuyphoto.cgi?pub=062&amp;orig=hurley.jpg" target="_new">Buy this photo</a></div>In the Roane County News article, Ferguson blames his defeat on the republican serge across the nation but makes no mention of Ms. Hurley or her work and effort in the election.

State representatives terms are for two years which means that Ms. Hurley will be up for reelection in 2012 and apparently, Ferguson is already gearing up to challenge her. I suspect that Ms. Hurley will be up for the challenge.