I haven't Read It

The idiocy continues. According to a report in the News Herald, these are the words of wisdom uttered by County Mayor, Doyle Arp, when asked what he thought about the CTAS (County Technical Assistance Service) opinion that literally shot down his proposed public records policy. Arp also said that he doesn't know how much the county has spent on legal fees developing his illegal proposal nor did he request the CTAS opinion.

Mr. Arp has either told a whopper or he has just exposed himself as extremely incompetent. Either way, it's not good for Loudon County. It's just hard to believe that a report of this magnitude and importance went unread by the mayor. I know he received a copy of the opinion. I forwarded it on to Mr. Arp after receiving it from Ms. Hunter who received it from CTAS. As the Chief Financial Officer of the county, it is very disturbing that the mayor doesn't know how much has been spent on legal fees. A county mayor's main function is to be aware of the expenditures of the county. Should we assume that the mayor is failing to performing duty? Somebody needs to know what the mayor is spending.

Currently no one can find out how much tax money has been spent on Arp's behalf for his ill-conceived policy and the pending lawsuit challenging his policy, that's a secret. Public records are still off limits to the public. Sooner or later the iron curtain will come down and the facts will be come to light.

Maybe since Arp didn't request the opinion and he says he hasn't read it, it doesn't really mean any thing. So apparently he plans to ignore it.