I have some good news to share from North Middle School.

Tuesday during lunch, one of our 5th grade students, Joe Pace, performed the Heimlich maneuver on his friend, Jarrod Richardson, who was choking on his lunch.

Joe said, he saw the face of his friend changing colors and asked if he was o.k.. When Jarrod gave the universal sign for choking, students ran from the table to get an adult. However, Joe grabbed him and performed the maneuver. The food source was dislodged and Jarrod was able to breath again.

When asked how he knew to perform this procedure, Joe said he had choked on some food in his elementary school last year and a teacher performed this on him. Following, she showed him how to do it if anybody he knew was choking. Outside of being scared, Jarrod is doing fine and back in school.
"It is amazing what some kids can do. His knowledge of this skill set and knowing when to perform it, was overshadowed by his humbleness. He did not want recognition, he just wanted to finish lunch with his friends.

The world is full of humble heroes and we had ours Tuesday!" Joe's parents are proud and Jarrod's are thankful! I just wanted to pass along some positives, during a very stressful time for everyone!

Tim Berry
Principal, North Middle School