I Don't Get It

This whole ordeal with the atheist that didn't get her paper published by the high school detailing how she feels offended by folks around her who believe in Christianity really puzzles me. First, if someone doesn't believe in God and Jesus how then can they be offended by something they don't believe in?

I don't believe in Santa Clause but I'm not offended by those who do. I don't believe in the Tooth Fairy but I'm not offended by those who do. I don't even believe in man made global warming but I'm not offended by those who do.

I grew up in a small, country, Southern Baptist Church. It wasn't uncommon if the Spirit was just right to have three, four or even five preachers preaching at the same time, walking the pews and rattling the rafters. Many of you know what I'm talking about. You've seen it too. But not in all my years attending Church services did I ever see anybody hog tied or held down and forced to become a Christian.

Conversely, how many times have atheist's and their organizations used the courts to force Christians and others to accept their ideology?  Too many to count. When was the last time you ever heard of Christians using the courts to force atheist's to accept our ideology? Never.  So who's really being discriminated against? 

I'm so tired of all the social minorities trying to force their beliefs on everyone else. After all where in the constitution does it say everyone has the right not to be offended?