I Am Who I Am

Apparently, I have offended the homosexual community and their supporters. Of course it all stems from my position that a school yearbook is not the place to be displaying children's sexuality, homosexual or otherwise.

There seems to be a concerted effort from those supporters of the homosexual community to help defeat me in the upcoming school board election. You can read some of their comments below.

Apparently, the supporters of the homosexual community seem to feel my opponent, Jeremy Buckles, may be more supportive to their cause than I have been. But, that's OK. That's the greatness of our system of government. Everyone has the right to support and vote for any candidate they want.

Let me be very clear. I am who I am and can be no other. If the voters want someone who bends which ever way the political winds blow, then I'm not who you should vote for.

I will always stand for what I believe in. I will not bow to political pressure nor change my position because some disagree.

If the voters of the fifth district re-elect me to the school board, I'll spend the next four years fighting for fiscal and and social conservative positions. It's entirely up to the voters.

I do ask for your support and vote. Thanks


Silent Mom No More-TOPIX

I have to go now and put my Jeremy Buckles sign in my yard. Much to do between now and Van Shaver's retirement day....


It was pointed out that Mr. Van Hater took down his bigoted "It isn't OK post" I guess he waited long enough to say noone made me but quick enough to where he hopes people forgets before the election. I am lookin for this Jermey Buckels guy who is runnin again him to give that guy a campaign controbution.
D Douglass-Email

Because of your narrow vision I do not feel you have a place in our educational system.  I will be supporting your opposition in this years election.



Jessica Ward Cameron-Facebook

Van Shaver is a gross person, his job will be next. Time to vote out the Biggots =)


Drew Gossage-Facebook

I think we should start a petition for him to step down from his position on the school board. For someone to hold any public leadership position to know so little about the First Amendment and to make public his opinions of hatred should not be able to hold any office.


Carolyn Bahm-Facebook
OMG, read some of the idiotic homophobic Bible-licking comments in support of Van Shaver (sounds like a cheesy porno name, doesn't it) at this site: www.topix.com

Oh, and please call for him to resign or be forcibly removed while you're there!


Jessica Ward Cameron-Facebook

Maybe we shouldn't just fight for Mr. Yoakley but we should be fighting for Van Shaver to lose his position on any school board. If they think Mr. Yoakley was wrong they must think Shaver is wrong for all the hateful attacks against kids in the school system. I want him out just as badly as I want Mr. Yoakley's job back. That guy (Shaver) IS NOT GOOD for our kids!


Theresa 'Terrie' Wagner-Facebook

Jessica... find out when Mr. Shaver's term is up on the school board and work to defeat him in the polls... that is the only way to send a message to a politician.


District 5 Constituent-TOPIX

Calling for Van Shaver to Resign or be Forcibly removed from Loudon County BOE

Mr. Shaver is destroying the image of Loudon County Schools. Acting out foolishly using his blog vanshaver.com . I say I do not necessarily support the events going on at Lenoir City High School, however I DO NOT SUPPORT Mr. SHAVER bullying constituents, fellow americans, etc. Van was not elected to be a bully or judge the students among there personal beliefs.
Moreover, I here ask Mr. Shaver to kindly RESIGN from the School Board in Loudon County. If Mr. Shaver does not want to do the right thing and resign, I ask the Rest of the Loudon County School Board (Scott Newman, William Jenkins, Lisa Russell, Bill Marcus, Dr.Gary Ubben, Leroy Tate, Dr. Ric Best, Craig Simon, and Bobby Johnson Jr) to forcibly remove Mr. Shaver from his position.

VOTERS: If action is not Taken, I emplore all of you to Vote in the August election against all incumbents.

VAN SHAVER: Show some dignity and RESIGN NOW!