Hurley For House

One of the local political races that's not gotten a lot of local coverage is the race for the 32nd District State House seat. That's partly because such a small portion of that district is in Loudon County mostly in Lenoir City. The bulk of the district in in Roane County.

Republican Julia Hurley of Lenoir City is taking on 18 year incumbent democrat, Dennis Ferguson of Roane County. Ms. Hurley has turned this match into a real horse race. It would be great for Lenoir City and Loudon County to have another representative in state government.

Below is a map of the 32nd district. Note the small appendage on the map center right where the I-75 marker is. That's Hwy 321 from Roane County down to Lenoir City. All the rest of the 32nd district is in Roane County. This is what's know as political gerrymandering. Lenoir City has long been known as the last bastion of democrats in Loudon County. The finger of the district mostly includes just Lenoir City which benefits democrat candidates running in that district.