Huge Correction

Boy did I make a huge mistake and if there's one thing I always try to do is be accurate. But when I do make a mistake, I always want to make it right.

Monday I reported that Sarah and I were celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary. In reality, it was actually our 36th anniversary. While I reported it wrong, I can't take all the blame. My wife, whom I depend on to tell me most things I need to know, told me it was number 37. Not until we received a happy anniversary card from our son Austin, did we/Sarah realize we had been celebrating the wrong number of years. By the way, no money in Austin's card.

This means one of two things. One, our marriage has been so great it's just hard to keep up with how many years it's been. Or number two, it has been so rough it just seems like we've been married longer than actually have. I'm going with number 1.

Of course it could be that we're getting old and just can't remember what's going on.

Oh well, happy anniversary to my wonderful wife of 36 years.