How Much Part 2

Last week I asked the question, how much should a teacher in Loudon County be paid. We know the cause for the spiraling costs in education is directly effected by teacher pay and benefits. The fact is, our school system has a large work force aside from just teachers. Teachers only account for little less than half of the school system's employment.

It apparently requires a large support staff to operate our school system. We have food service, custodial, secretarial, technology, medical and teacher assistants. Boy, do we have a lot of teacher assistants or paraprofessionals as they're called now. In reality, most of these personal are at the lower end of the school system's pay scale. The big pay comes at the administrative level. So the new question, how much should Loudon County school system administrator's be paid? Let's start at the top.

The Loudon County Director of Schools is paid $113,120.00 per year not including any benefits. The state through the BEP, Basic Education Program, sets the amount they will pay for a Loudon County director of schools at $91,600.00. However since Loudon County has two school systems, the state's share must be split with the two school systems on a 69/31% ratio with Lenoir City. So the state only pays around $63,000.00 of the director's $113,120.00 salary.

Aside from the director of schools, the Loudon County school system also has a number of supervisors. Supervisor of instruction K-5,  Supervisor of instruction 6-12, instructional supervisor, special education supervisor and food service supervisor. Average pay, nearly $71,000.00 per year not including any benefits. Low end of the supervisor pay scale,  $69,388.00, high end, $73,186.00.

Supervisors are paid under a twelve month contract. But in the education world twelve months is not actually twelve months. In education twelve months is considered 240 days instead of the normal 260 days in the private sector. Supervisors are considered central office employees so they are also off when schools are closed during the school year such as fall break, spring break, Christmas break, etc. That's why 240 days instead of 260.

The Loudon County school system has nine principals, one per school, and ten assistant principals. One extra assistant principal for North Middle School due to size and configuration. Principals also work under the twelve month contract. Average principal pay, a little more than $64,000.00 not including any benefits. Low end of the pay scale, $58,416.00, high end, $72,615.00.

Assistant principals work under an eleven month contract or 220 days. Average assistant principal pay, about $55,400.00 not including any benefits. Low end of the pay scale, $46,136.00, high end, $66, 755.00.

Remembering that average pay for a Loudon County teacher is $43,000.00 and the average pay for Loudon County citizens is $32,500.00, then how much should Loudon County school supervisors and administrators make?