How Ironic

At the same time our "republican" governor, Moonbeam Haslem, and his majority republican legislators were pushing for his big gas tax increase, so was California's democrat governor, Moonbeam Brown and his democratic legislators. Both governors, with the help of their respective legislators were successful in sticking it to their residents.

Now the California republican legislators are working to repeal their gas tax increase but here in Tennessee it was our republican legislators who passed the gas tax increase. Don't suppose there's any chance those republicans who voted for the gas tax increase will now work to repeal it.

Isn't it ironic that California democrats and Tennessee republicans have so much in common?

Loudon County house members Jimmy Matlock and Kent Calfee both voted against the tax increase. Unfortunately, our state senator Randy McNally strongly supported and voted for the gas tax increase.

Time for McNally to go home.