High Speed Chase Nets Four Arrests

What started out as a fight in progress call on First Avenue in Lenoir City Saturday night, ended with a ten minute high speed chase, a crash and four arrests. About 11:00 Saturday night, LCPD was dispatched to a fight in progress on First Avenue. On arrival the suspects were found to be GOA, gone on arival. The vehicle involved in the fight call was shortly there after spotted on Kingston Street headed toward the high school. The older model blue mini van then doubled back on Kirk Ave. and headed back toward Lenoir City. With several county and city units in pursuit, the fleeing felons headed north on Broadway toward Knox County. The problem for the bad guys was that the roadway was blocked at Cusick Circle. A local citizen who had pulled to the side of the road at the road block became an unwitting participant in the chase when her car was struck by the bad guys ending the chase. The four occupants of the van were arrested. The lady whos vehicle was struck was un injured but her SUV did not fair as well.

Video Clips

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