High Speed Chase Ends With Arrest

What started as a possible drunk driver call in Loudon, ended in a high speed chase and a tasered suspect on Hwy. 321 in Lenoir City. LPD officer, Scott Newman, attempted to make a traffic stop on the possible drunk driver around midnight Tuesday night when the driver decided to make a run for it. The six mile high speed chase on Interstate 75 came to an abrupt end when the drunk decided to take the Lenoir City exit. Lenoir City Police officers, Mike Tinnel and Joe Foster, positioned at the end of the exit ramp, scored a home run with their spike strips by flattening all four tires of the drunk driver's Kia. The car was able to travel only a short distance before coming to a stop on 321 in front of Captain Ds. The unruly perpetrator had to be tased to bring him into compliance. The vehicle was also reported stolen.

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