High Expectations

By all accounts, last weekends Loudon County school board retreat was a resounding success. Board members and others were able to get a little rest and relaxation, take in several good meals and squeeze in a little shopping while in Gatlinburg. They also attended several meetings to hash all the issues confronting the school system not the least was discussing raises for a lot of folks. I suspect we are going to see some big things coming out of this retreat.

There was one tense moment during the trip. At least one board member took exception with statements board member, Jeremy Buckles, had made on his web site about making his "feelings known publicly and personally" that he was opposed to the out of town retreat. Apparently, he hadn't actually objected to the trip as he reported on his web site. In fact, several board members said they hadn't heard him complain or object at all.

Maybe young Buckles can use this as a lesson learned. If you have something to say, just say it but don't go behind other board members and tell things that aren't so just to make one look good and others look bad.

Anyway, back on the job, rested and relaxed, retreat attendees should be ready for action.