The High Cost
Of Healthcare

I've written before about my wonderful in-laws, C.W. and Elizabeth Holland and their struggle with the awful disease of Alzheimer's. Along with the disease come many other consequences.

Recently, Mr. Holland took a fall. He cracked three ribs, punctured a lung and cut his head pretty bad. He was transported from the assisted living facility where he and Ms. Holland live to Fort Loudon Hospital. The facility and the hospital are next door to each other.

Mr. Holland was in the hospital for nine days. He had to have the cut on his head sealed and a drain tube was inserted in his chest to drain fluid from his rib injury. Fortunately, he has recovered from the fall and is now back to his previous condition. 

That said, below is a spreadsheet detailing the cost for care after his fall. We all know the cost of healthcare is high but sometimes you don't realize just how high till you see it in black and white.

Ambulance To Hospital $1,588.00
Emergency Doctors (2) $963.00
Physicians Services $3,553.00
Hospital Pharmacy  $292.00
Radiology  $2,456.00
Surgery Doctor $956.00
Pathologist $326.00
Ft. Loudon Hospital $34,749.00

We also know one of the driving factors of the high cost of healthcare are all those folks who never pay their own medical bills. Hospitals have to make it up somewhere. But, rest assured, Obamacare will solve all the problems. Under Obamacare, a patient like Mr. Holland would be considered to old and non essential to save. Remember, Obama said old folks might just have to take a pill.