Here's Your Evidence

Yesterday's article on the Lenoir City High School's year book's controversial gay page was to bring attention to just how important it is to know who is influencing your children eight hours a day and the dangers your children face when that influence is counter to what you as parents feel is right for your children.

If you needed any evidence of that importance/danger, here it is. Last night I received these nine emails in about an hour and a half. Most are obviously kids and I suspect they were encouraged by an adult to send the emails.

Read through these and ask yourself where kids learn these kind of views. Now remember these were in response to my article about teacher-child relationships in our schools.

This is pretty scary stuff. Warning some explicit content and some pretty atrocious grammar and spelling.    


Dear Sir, 

My name is Courtney Price. I am editor of the yearbook. Sir, excuse my rudeness, but you do not have your facts straight. I decided to publish Zach's story. I did not do this to cause any kind of uproar, or religion target. I am an 18 year old Southern Baptist student who is in a four year relationship with a man. I am in no way trying to plead a case for homosexuals, and taking from your stupidity, I can tell you did not read the yearbook. There are multiple stories about kids who have been bullied because of their lives (disabled kids, adopted kids, kids with tattoos, etc.) along with stories about hanging out at church. I would enjoy if you would stop your slander. Thank you.

Stop trying to incite hatred in the name of God. He is our God, not just yours. And stop harassing Courtney Danielle, her staff and advisor.

If you knew anything about ANYTHING you would have known the article is not the point. It is the meaning behind the article. You dumb inconsiderate ass. I am an allum of LCHS and even though I did not have Mr. Yoakley I will say from the few times I talked to him he is a great man and teacher and you should be ashamed of yourself for prejudging people. I hope you do not have children because God forbid you teach them that this is the correct way to act. I understand better than anyone that freedom of speech and oppinions are part of everyday life, but seriously some should just be kept to yourself. I mean for a "christian" you could do me a favor and leave it to God to judge everyone.
Thank you for your time.

Mrs. Jayda

You are a disgusting person.

Your bigotry and hatred is disgusting and abhorrent and I hope you feel ashamed for everything you've done.

The Constitution


Dear Idiot:

Very simply -the Constitution calls for separation between church and 
state, not church and who you are. While being  Christian IS a choice, 
one's sexuality is not. If so, I would ask, "When did you decide you 
were straight?".

I would also like to know the scripture in which Jesus Christ 
admonished homosexuality, as he is the alleged inspiration from which 
Christianity stems. I've looked and just can't seem to find it.

All I can see is that the alleged social reformer from Palestine, who 
was thought of as "different" and a "heretic", only spoke of was love 
and acceptance.

I wonder if you think, "Oh that's just another gay spouting his 
mantra". Funny, you'll never know anything about me. Not only because 
your insipid, evil mind is too small to grasp any type of existence 
other than your fearful own, but because I would relegate your 
existence to be the same as you would have the students/children of 
your community that might be gay.

Do us all a favor, don't have children. They might be just like you.

stop your harrassment


Van Shaver, you are not a Christian. My minister growing up reminded us that Christians are those who take Christ's name as their own. In claiming the name, but not following his teachings, you are nothing more than an ignorant thief. Stop your harrassment of the young lady who wrote the "it's ok to be gay" article, stop inflicting your ignorance on the community. You should take everything you own, give it to the poor, and genuinely follow him. Do not bother to reply. Your words are trash.

Dear sir or mam, I've read the gentleman's yearbook page, and Im really having a hard time what it is that you think is so awful? Is it because he came out,

The fact that he came out, the fact he's telling his story about bullies, the fact that he's donating money for charities....oooo yes Mr. Van

Shaver hes an evil being...damn him for promoting love and acceptance.... This twisted world we live in where bigots want to spread

their hatred....and hiding it behind a bible. He sharing so that other teens would have some sort of education to know that being different

is ok what is not ok is being bullied to point of suicide. Education is the Ignorant worse nightmare. 

So keep spreading your ignorance, people are only seeing the real you. Hand claps. Have a lovely day.

It IS Okay to be Gay

If your rantings weren't so utterly ridiculous, I would almost be offended by your "article"   It's Not Okay.

First of all, if you actually READ the yearbook article, you would know that nothing in that article is " promoting homosexuality in our high schools."   And again, if you had bothered to READ the article, you would know that yes, he is, in fact, a student at Lenoir City High School.  He is a young man with more courage and conviction than most adults I know.
Are you really so STUPID that you actually believe that "impressionable students" can be "made gay"???  Seriously?  Is your IQ  7?   I certainly hope you don't have children.  The idea that you have a hand in molding another human being's mind is quite disturbing.
You are a narrow-minded, ignorant, bible-thumping, homophobic, IDIOT.
If gay people so offend you, perhaps you should consider moving someplace where there are no homosexuals.  Hmmmm, let's see, where might that be?  Oh wait, they're EVERYWHERE.  Get used to it,  you gene pool failure.  Unless you build yourself a nice little rocket ship and head to the moon, "the Gays" are here, and I would rather have 10,000 homosexuals in my neighborhood than one of you. 

I support James Yoakley!

I was directed to your almost paranoid website by a facebook group.  Your campaign against James Yoakley and the larger LGBT community is outrageous!

You say that Yoakley discourages Christian values.  I say he is the very embodiment of Christian values.  Can you go to the Books of the Bible and find one single direct quote from Christ where He says that homosexuality is wrong?  You can't, because it does not exist!

Christ said, "Love one another as you love yourself."  Is that what you are doing by harassing and hounding Mr. Yoakley?  

Christ also says, "Judge not, as you will also be judged."  Is that what you're doing when you say of gays, "...they will have to live with the consequences of that decision."  (Your asinine commentary is now doing just that--thousands of people will look at your website and pass the same kind of judgment on you as you have Mr. Yoakley).

You should be ASHAMED!!!  You are an embarrassment!  Your words will be shared throughout the country as HATE SPPECH!  Your friends and family will also suffer the embarrassment of being associated with you.  It will be used by future generations as an example of southern-fried hate speech; much like the footage of segregationists who used to harass southern Blacks who simply wanted to go to a school in their neighborhood. 

As for the rest of your website, it is little more than a gossip rag that is useful only to the intractably mentally ill.  

Get a life!

Knoxville, TN