Here We Go

First, let me say again how much I appreciate all the support I received from so many in the election. I would also like to compliment Mrs. Klinstiver on a well run campaign.

The voters have spoken loud and clear. They're tired of the status quo and are expecting positive change from the Loudon County Board Of Education. Their expectations are high as they should be and if the new members do not fulfill those expectations in short order, they, including myself, can expect the same fate when the next election rolls around. However, confidence is high that we are about to see some major changes in the actions of the Loudon County Board Of Education.

To the employees, staff and management of the Loudon County School. You can dismiss all the horror stories you were told before the election. I am not "coming" after anyone. These were just wild accusations made by some for political reasons. I have but one agenda and that is to the best of my ability, represent the people of the fifth district and to do everything in my power to do what's right for Loudon County.