Here It Comes

Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise, as they say, the improvements to the Shaw Ferry and Hwy 11 intersection should get underway very soon. Patty Drilling, Inc., whose business is just down the road from the intersection won the bid for the work which is estimated at more than a half million dollars.

The improvements will include turn lanes at all four approaches, red lights and improved sight distance. the construction is estimated to begin within the next six weeks and is expected to be completed by October 31st.

I know all of us are excited to death to finally see the improvements at the intersection. But we will all have to remember, it will be inconvenient for us for a few months but we will have to have patients. A few months of inconvenience will be well worth the long term improvements. Plan for taking alternate routes during the construction and for goodness sake, be nice to those doing the work.

We've waited a long time for this one.