Here It Comes

After literally decades of waiting, fighting politics and even court battles, the residents of Hotchkiss Valley are on the verge of finally seeing utility water coming to their community. Watts Bar Utility will begin laying water lines Monday morning, 5/12/08.

Phase 1 will begin at Hall Road and run Pine Grove and Providence Road to New Providence Church and beyond to the intersection of Sugar Limb and Hotchkiss Valley. Phase 2 will proceed from Sugar Limb continuing north up Hotchkiss Valley to near Breazale Road. At that point, Watts Bar can continue on up the valley to service the rest of the valley. Phase 1 should be completed in two to three months with the completion of phase 2 before the end of summer. 

Residents in the valley have worked for years to get utility water to the valley. Some years after Interstate 75 was constructed, private wells began to fail. The residents request for help from LCUB fell on deaf ears. Not until a 2006 court decision removing the area from the LCUB water district did it become possible for another utility district to bring service to the area.

If there is one down side to water coming to the valley, things will change. There are hundreds and hundreds of acres of prime development land in the valley and of course the Sugar Limb exit from I-75. All of these attributes combined with water service are sure to bring change to the valley.