Here In The 5th

I've written about this several times in the past but after knocking on hundreds of doors over the past few weeks I feel it might be helpful to go over the details again.

Loudon County is divided into seven districts with ten commissioners. The 1st, 2nd and 5th districts have two commissioners each the rest of the districts have only one commissioner each. The number of commissioners is based on the population of each district.

Here in the 5th District, where I live and where I'm running for county commission, we have two commissioners. They're designated as seat "A" and seat "B". The current seat "A" incumbent is Harold Duff. Mr. Duff is being challenged by Robert Dishner. The current seat "B" incumbent is Sharon Yarbrough. She is being challenged by myself and Robert M (Marvin) Stanley.

When 5th district voters go to the polls you will be able to vote for one candidate in each seat. Of course my preference would be that they vote for "Van Shaver" in seat "B" but none the less, you do get to vote for one candidate for each seat.

The 5th district is also divided into two precincts, Browder and Eaton. All the 5th district south of Interstate 75 are in the Browder precinct. All others are in the Eaton Precinct. If you vote early it really makes no difference which precinct you are in. If you vote on election day, Eaton precinct voters will vote at North Middle School while Browder precinct voters vote at Eaton Elementary School.

Another important point is that all candidates on the ballot in the 5th district are running on the republican ticket. There are no democrats on the ballot. When you go to vote you will be asked if you want to vote in the democrat or republican primary. If a voter chooses the democrat primary, there will be no candidates on that ballot.

Below is a sample ballot for the 5th district as it will appear when you go to the polls. The full county wide ballot can be seen here.

Republican Ballot