He Did It

The now infamous mail out on Mr. Brookshire seems to have really hit a nerve. But of the 11 statements in the mailer of Brookshire's past deeds included in the mail piece, the one that seems to have stirred the most interest was the give away of the Lenoir City lake front historical property to a local developer.

In Wednesday's Newsless Herald, a well respected, retired history teacher and local historian of impeccable reputation, submitted a letter to the editor in regards to the give away of the lake front property. His position was that the give away by the Cotton Mill Association was a good thing. But the editorial confirms that Brookshire did in fact, as the president of The Cotton Mill Association, give away the property.

In 1990 The Lenoir City Company gave the property to Lenoir City. In 1993, Lenoir City gave the property to The Cotton Mill Association. In 2003, The Cotton Mill Association, president Matt Brookshire, gave the property to developer Rick Dover, DBA Family Pride Corporation. No public notices, no bid process.

I'm sure that members of The Cotton Mill Association thought that giving away the property was a good idea. But you would think that Brookshire, former city council member, the city mayor and teacher would have known that they could have really maximized the city's return on the property by a public auction or at the very least allowing others to submit bids on the property. Lake front, main channel Tennessee River property, free. You've just got to wonder what would have been wrong with that.

The facts are, the property was given away, Brookshire was president of The Cotton Mill Association at the time of the give away. The facts are undisputable. Lest there be any doubt, below are links to the deeds.

  Lenoir City Company To Lenoir City 1990

Lenoir City To The Cotton Mill Association 1993

The Cotton Mill Association To Family Pride Corporation 2003