Haslem wants to be Governor. But he doesnít Pay his bills!


Have you noticed the new product cooler structure at the end of the Pilot Oil Company building in Lenoir City? Well Mr. Haslem the owner of Pilot Oil Company has not completely paid for that work.


Last April, I was contacted by a man who stated that he was with the Pilot Oil Company, and asked if I could fabricate some steel and provide on site welding services. So, we agreed on total cost and he asked that I start work as soon as possible.

When I arrived at the job site the workers were using a Pilot bobcat and dump truck. Also I check and Pilot Oil Company is a licensed general contractor BC # 56468 in the State of Tennessee.

Each time I was contacted, he would say he is with Pilot. I had no reason to believe I wasnít working for Pilot. Not until it was time to get paid. Pilot clams that Mr. Tom Pope was a contactor. (My cell phone voice mail says something else.) I hired a lawyer, filed for a lien and took Pilot to court. The other day, Judge Russell ruled in favor of the Pilot Corporation based on a technicality, on how the paper work was filed. Keep in mind that Mr. Haslem owns the Pilot Oil Corporation and is running for governor for the State of Tennessee.  Representatives of Pilot Oil Company have not disputed that the work was done, and they have no problem with the quality of the work that was done.  All Pilot Oil Company says, is that they are not going to pay me.

Being a small business owner the only way I can fight big business and the political power of Mr. Haslem, is with my pin and my vote. I donít have to trade with Pilot and I will not Vote for someone like Mr. Haslem who allows his company to use others for his financial gain. The next time you stop at a Pilot Store. Donít. Drive on by. You might just find that you like the other stores better. When you go to vote, think about it.  Do you really want another person in the oil business in office? Remember the gas price hike at the Pilot was $499 gallon, and $399 down the road. Some might say this business and business is business. I say we donít need this type of person conducting our state business.


Steve Sarten

RS Construction and Fabrication