Haslam Should Resign Now

I read in the news that our Governor, Bill Haslam is calling on Donald Trump to step aside and let someone else run for president.

Due to his reckless, irresponsible action, I'm asking Governor Bill Haslam to step aside and let someone else represent Tennessee as our governor.

Based on many of his policies I've always suspected that Haslam wasn't really a republican but a RINO, Republican In Name Only. This conforms it.

Mr. Haslam well knows that if Trump were to step aside, that would guarantee Hilary Clinton would be the next president. Obviously, that's what Mr. Haslam wants. Only a true democrat would want Clinton in the Whitehouse.

I recently received an invitation to a $250 a plate fundraiser for a local candidate where Haslam is to be the guest speaker. I was planning to go but now instead, I'll just send my $500, two plates worth, to Donald Trump. And further more, any candidate supported by Mr. Haslam would be suspect in my mind given his support for Clinton.

Haslam has never supported Trump and I'm sure he thought the 11 year old video of Trump talking nasty gave him cover to show his true colors. Funny thing is, 11 years ago not only did Trump say some nasty things he was also a democrat at that time. Maybe he thought as a democrat he had to talk like that.

No matter what Trump says, it will never compare to what Hilary has actually done. To the best of my knowledge, Trump was never responsible for the death of four people.  

Trump was not my pick in the primary but he won fair and square. I have no idea what kind of president Donald Trump might be but I sure do know what kind of president Hilary Clinton would be. Nothing could be worse for this country, nothing. But apparently, Haslam is just fine with Hilary in the Whitehouse.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, here's what I do know;

Donald Trump MIGHT build the wall and get illegal immigration under control. Hillary Clinton will not.
Donald Trump MIGHT appoint 1, 2, 3 or even 4 conservative justices to the supreme court. Hillary Clinton will not.
Donald Trump MIGHT institute fiscal policies that help the economy and bring new jobs. Hillary Clinton will not. 
Donald Trump MIGHT re-establish America's honor around the world. Hillary Clinton will not.
Donald Trump MIGHT make America great again. Hillary Clinton will not.

In case I wasn't clear before, as a republican, a Tennessean, and a county commissioner, I'm calling on Governor Bill Haslam to resign immediately to spare Tennessee any further embarrassment. 

Gov. Haslam: Trump needs to step aside

NASHVILLE– Governor Bill Haslam released a statement, Sunday, regarding Donald Trump and his presidential campaign.

“In the past I have expressed my concern with Donald Trump’s policy positions. Like many others, I have also objected to many of the things he has said during his campaign. Those concerns have kept me from endorsing him. I want to emphasize that character in our leaders does matter. None of us in elected office are perfect, but the decisions that are made in the Oval Office have too many consequences to ignore the behavior we have seen. It is time for the good of the nation and the Republican Party for Donald Trump to step aside and let Gov. Mike Pence assume the role as the party’s nominee. If he does not step aside, I will write in a Republican for the Office of President. Finally, I want to urge Republicans to vote. Now more than ever, who we elect to Congress and our state and local offices is critical to the future of this country and state that we love,” said Haslam.