Haslam Should Apologize

A few weeks ago our RINO (republican in name only) governor, Bill Haslam, came out and said he would not endorse the republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump and went so far as to suggest he get out of the race. At that time I suggested that Haslam should resign to avoid embarrassing our great state.

Obviously, Haslam wasn't going to resign but now that the election is over, he sure owes the citizens of Tennessee and the president elect a huge apology.

Turns out, Mr Trump didn't need Haslam's support. Only three counties in the state went for Clinton. Trump carried Tennessee with more than 61% of the vote. Hillary Clinton only got 34%. Obviously Haslam was in that 34%.

It honestly makes me sick that Bill Haslam supported Hillary Clinton for president. But guess what? TRUMP won.

Come on big wheel Haslam, be a man and admit that your candidate lost and apologize to everybody.

I'd still like to see him resign. What a gutless, gutless man.