Has He No Shame?

Note: This story is a little longer than I normally like to have but some details and history were necessary. It's worth the read for the surprise ending.

With all the despicable actions we have learned that Doyle Arp has been involved in that have directly, negatively impacted the citizens of Loudon County, one might think he would come to his senses and start acting like somebody. One would be wrong.

Short background. In 2006 the Loudon County Commission adopted building codes that would apply to all new construction in Loudon County. The Tellico Reservoir Development Agency, TRDA, disputed the county's authority to conduct building inspections on any land formerly owned by TRDA. That's right. Land formerly owned by TRDA.  TRDA is a stepchild of TVA that was created to allow TVA to steal private land and then sell the same land for huge profits. The TRDA Board Of Directors is made up of various governmental officials including, you guessed it, Doyle Arp.

After receiving TRDA's objections of codes enforcement on land formerly owned by TRDA, the county commission gave TRDA a one year notice that Loudon County would begin inspections, zoning and codes enforcement January 1, 2007. When that time came, TRDA again objected to the county's plan to begin enforcing  inspections, zoning and codes enforcement. Through out 2007, TRDA continued to delay, dodge and forestall the county's intended plan. Toward the end of 2007, the county finally said enough and told TRDA their time had run out and the county would begin inspections, zoning and codes enforcement on all lands formerly owned by TRDA within Loudon County. Sensing the county meant business this time the TRDA Board Of Directors, including Doyle Arp, met to plan strategy. The TRDA board voted to take legal action to prevent Loudon County from performing inspections, zoning and codes enforcement on land formerly owned by TRDA. When the vote was taken, Loudon County Mayor Doyle Arp as a member of the TRDA board there to represent the interests of Loudon County abstained from the vote effectively allowing TRDA to take Loudon County to court.

Now, with the lawsuit filed by TRDA with Doyle Arp as a member of the board, Doyle Arp as Loudon County Mayor hires Loudon Attorney A. Wayne Henry to represent Loudon County in the matter of TRDA vs Loudon County. Shortly thereafter it was discovered that Arp was manipulating the course of Loudon County's legal defense by personally directing Henry on actions not to take in preparation of the upcoming court case essentially not allowing Henry to take the actions necessary to properly represent Loudon County to the fullest. Given the fact that attorney Henry was hired by Arp and represented Arp, Henry had no option but to follow the direction given by Arp.

At Monday's county commission meeting, things finally came to a head when some commissioners asked for Henry to be dismissed as the county's attorney in the matter of  TRDA vs Loudon County favoring rather to hire an outside independent law firm to handle the case for Loudon County. Arp strenuously opposed the change of attorney citing state law that gives him sole authority for hiring any legal council. Ultimately the matter went to a vote of the commission where a split 5-5 vote failed to make the change. The vote was really more about the trust and confidence in Doyle Arp more than the attorney.

Doyle Arp sitting on the board of directors of an organization that sues the county then using his position as county mayor to hire the attorney to defend the county could not be more of a conflict of interest but that doesn't seem to matter to him. As bad as all you have read so far is, that's not even the worst of it. You might ask, what is Arp's motive in this matter? Why is he working so hard to make sure the county loses the law suit with TRDA? Why does Arp want to keep Loudon County from performing inspections, zoning and codes enforcement on land formerly owned by TRDA? Why oh why? Let me give it to you.

Are you ready. Who would be most effected by Loudon County performing inspections, zoning and codes enforcement on land formerly owned by TRDA? Who is one of the largest owners of land formerly owned by TRDA? Can you guess? Have you figured it out yet? It's a name that has become synonymous with the name Arp. Owner of Rarity Bay, owner of Rarity Point. Blount County developer Mike Ross if not the largest at least one of the largest owners of property formerly owned by TRDA. So at the root of everything it again seems to be Arp's tax giveaway buddy Mike Ross who stands to gain the most if Loudon County loses. Anybody surprised?