Happy Anniversary

March 17, 1979 we said "I Do." Thirty-three years later we're still "I do-ing."

I Love You....Maybe I've gone too long without actually telling you, without showing you.

I've been kissing you too quickly, missing your tender touch, saying those three simple words all too casually.

I've taken for granted the beautiful reason I'm able to say them in the first place.......you.

I remember our first "I Love You's"...how softly they were shared and how deeply they were meant.

Growing even closer to you seemed an impossibility, yet here we stand today, living proof that true love only grows stronger and sweeter with the passing days.

For all those times I've failed to take notice of love's outstretched hand-I'm sorry.

And for all of the times we've yet to share, I pledge my love anew, promise you my heart, vow to love you with my life.


Happy Anniversary